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Welcome to Schreiber Horticultural Consulting!
 It is also home to Mrs. Know It All, The next best thing to Mother Nature!
  Since you have stopped by my website, you have the opportunity to order my book "Eat Your Roses" and 49 other plants including Pansies and Lavender and more by St. Lynn's Press.
   The book has laminated pages that lay flat with photos of flowers and dishes as well as how to tips on growing the plants for eating and cooking hints. These are plants that grow just about anywhere in the United States. Publication  price is $17.95 plus shipping but by ordering here you can get an custom autographed copy for only $16.00 plus $4.95 shipping. Order one for you and another as gift for only $28.00 and I will include a booklet of additional recipes for both of you! This offer is good online only. Just send a check or money order to me,
Denise Schreiber
202 Ben Til Dr.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236.
 Make sure you include your inscription as well as a phone number or email just in case I have a question. As a bonus, I will be adding more recipes in the next couple of weeks that are not included in the book.
If you are interested in gardening you can find me in Pennsylvania Gardener magazine as the "Ask the Expert", the garden columnist at the North Hills Monthly Magazine and a blogger at and type in Denise Schreiber in the search box.
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